My fashion vision, my vision of life.

Passion, Toughness, Joy & Technology are part of my work DNA.

Born in 1986.

I came to photography in a natural way. It was there. I never sought for it or left it.

My father is a big photography fan and I always wanted to have a camera. I finally got it when I was 7 years old.

Since then, photography has always been by my side. Steve Jobs used to say: "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards”.

Something I always say is that photography is like a drug to me. I love when I am shooting pictures and videos. And when I finish, it always feels like it is never enough. I feel alive and creating something from an idea is incredible. And that feeling becomes nearly an obsession.

I finished my photography studies in Barcelona, where I tried different fields like documentary and landscape photography. But it was in fashion photography where I stumbled upon my perfect match.

Fashion photography is the field where I have the freedom to create an idea, the possibility to transform an abstract concept into an image, enjoying the interaction with people and getting out the best from each of them.

Like a sculptor giving form to clay, fashion photography brings me the power to give shape to a concept or idea so I can take it as far as I would like, without restrictions. Pure creative capacity. If there’s a characteristic of my pictures of importance to me, it is that I always try to create some storyline, a narrative within each image.

This is my vision of fashion photography. Like with my lifestyle, I keep constantly looking for beauty, always paying attention to the detail. For that reason, I mix my fashion images and videos with images I captured on my travels, day to day and even personal projects. The search always takes me to see women and their figure like the focus of beauty. This woman is and will always be sexually bold, elegant and glamorous, without loosing a bit of their irreverent naughtiness. With red everywhere, the color illustrating passion in essence. Red color is my obsession and inspires me. My ideal woman cannot stand without red… like the filmic Woman in Red or Le Rouge d’Valentino.

And because I am searching I strive to become better every moment and polish every detail; and for that I get help from the best fashion professionals. Thankfully I have a broad spectrum of collaborators of my choice where I can select the best suited to each session or project I do.

Thanks for browsing my portfolio. I hope you enjoyed my work. If you did and you need my services for your book, lookbook or campaign, please, do not hesitate to get in touch with me by email at

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